Avataria tips

First let’s talk about what this game is all about for those for have not played it yet. Avataria is a fascinating game where you choose your life and you make your rules while it incorporates amazing graphics for the player, it was initially created for Facebook but can one be accessed in different phone android versions as a game application the cool thing about avataria is that the player creates character of their choice and liking, you can choose what gender you want it to be, thecolor of the hair, the skin color and complexion, themoustache, the size of beard, the style of hair, size of lips, eyecolor, all this are only limited to your own imagination and creativity. Use this Avataria hack tool.
the player decides where to live, at first avatar is given only one room and s/he has to choose whether it’s the bedroom,kitchen,bathroom or even living room,this however is not permanent since as you progress in the game more rooms are added to you.one can decorate the apartment as you see fit, the sky is the limit as long as you have the available resources at your disposal. You will get higher ratings depending on the number of things in your apartment, the more the better.

Another amazing feature of this game is the fact that avatar gets to choose the lifestyle he wants from buying things with silver coins gained as you play, you even decide the kind of friends to hangs out with, and the situations to frequent like taking coffee at the coffee shop with friends, goingshopping, a nightclub where you can dance with your partner and so much more. All you have to do is to follow simple instructions given by the game, after completing the presented tasks then you progress to another level, since Avataria is based on instructions.


This game lets you live a world where you do all that you want without any limitations, it comes with cool 3D effects that allow you to live the real experience like falling in love, playing in the green flowery fields, and virtually doing all you love. The tricks and tips of avatar is involves following instructions as earlier mentioned, and getting many silver coins as possible so as to enable you to buy all the stuff that will increase your ratings, try this game today and live the dream.

New Nintendo 3DS XL – experience

Guys, are you ready for new Nintendo 3DS? It comes in two version, smaller and bigger one. How are they doing the progress? I will have a look at the bigger version and compare it with its predecessor. And I will try to answer the question if you can run in 3D more then 5 minutes not trying to take a hammer and make it….


I will not take you into much technical details as they are not relevant in this text as I am looking for the answer to other questions. Comparing to the previous version its screen is a slightly bigger, but you will not notice that on the first touch. More noticeable thing is its weight – it went down and you will notice it instantly. The most of the buttons are in the same place, some are moved. The most important for me is the move of the sound manipulating buttons. Finally you will not accidentally volume up your Nintendo, but you need to get used for the new position. The two new buttons appeared in the back. Stylus is hidden elsewhere this time and I am in impression that this is kind of an internal Nintendo competition to hide it somewhere else every time. Also the slot for cartridge is in new place… So new buttons, new positions…. well well Nintendo, think twice before doing so. They added even the buttons like on playstation – ZR and ZR…. The most positive new “button| is the white one next to the abcd buttons. It is very handy and it is used to camera setup easily. Thumb up for this one! In general Nintendo 3DS is faster, the games are downloading faster, so another good point here. There is one thing you need to know – there is no charger packed in the box. You need to have one from old Nintendo or if you do not have it or sold with old Nintendo, then you need to buy a new one – ecology comes.

The next important thing are the switchable back covers :) Ok, I am kidding and fooling you. But now you can show your character to everybody ;) But back to what I wanted and what is the main question – is 3D finally working? The answer is YES. You can play 3D without the feeling that you head is about to explode. The new mechanism of 3D is constantly checking your eyes and their position and it is adapting the 3D accordingly, so it does not matter what angle you are watching the screen. In previous version 3D was a real pain and you needed to turn it off, but here it is usable and you can play games in 3D, it is working just fine with no issues. And it is a nice experience. I didn’t had the feeling that the 3D should be turned off. The only time it was not working correctly was when too many people were watching the game, but this is surely not more than 5% of the time you play on your handheld.

There are some more minor improvements, but the main were said. I am very happy to say that this is real 3D on your handheld.



Tapped out has me Tapped In – True Story

I started playing The Simpsons Tapped Out right around the time they had their first massive marketing promotion. It’s around 1,5 year go now , and I haven’t been able to stop. I tried lot of tools like this Read More, but without any success. I’m hardly unique in my Simpsons fandom, but Tapped Out reminded me why I got into the show in the first place. The writing is pure gold. Maybe I’m the only one who actually stops to read the text bubbles, instead of obsessively tapping my way through them to get to the latest tasks, but I don’t care. The writing is what makes the TV show great, what has kept it going well past the two decade mark, and believe me, that has rubbed off on the game in a very big way. Granted, hearing the characters spout the same few stock lines every time you tap them does get old after a while, but it’s easy enough to turn the sound off when this happens.

In terms of actual playability, the game really couldn’t be any simpler. Every single aspect of play is just tapping the screen. The added feature of being able to travel between your Springfield and the Springfield’s of other players is an interesting concept, and it adds an interesting dimension to the game, especially during seasonal promotions for Halloween, Valentines, Christmas, etc. These content updates, and the new characters, buildings, and gameplay features that come with them ensure that even while grinding for cash, the game doesn’t get stale. Special rewards are available to those who put in the time and effort to visit other Springfields. The popularity of Tapped Out, and the fan website where players list their Origin user names for anyone to add, makes this quick and easy. That said, the endless loading screens one encounters when cycling through the many Springfields on EA’s Origin network can get pretty tiresome.

The app market right now is inundated with freemium games. I personally haven never paid any actual money for any content in Tapped Out. I hold out hope that my weekly Mystery Box will eventually deliver all the premium currency and goods I desire. The point is, that a game really has to stand out in this type of market to do well. Tapped Out not only stands out, but has spawned imitators from other intellectual properties such as Family Guy. That alone speaks to the quality, and the downright addictive nature of the game.

Helpful Hint: Tapping the statue of Jebediah Springfield repeatedly will get the player ten free donuts. Premium currency is expensive. The player should horde all they can come across.

Castle Clash – iPHONE 4S IOS 8 problems

Today i upgraded my iPHONE 4S to latest IOS 8.1. Everything was looking cool, until i run Castle Clash. Have i mentioned this Tool already http://planeth4ck.com/castle-clash-hack/ ? If not, check it and let me know if it’s works.


I started to play a game and i can see lot of graphical freezes. I started to investigate what’s going on castle_clash, firstly i have closed all other applications running on my iPHONE. IT doesn’t helped. Then i decided to reboot my iphone – it also doesn’t happend. After a while i have found, that there are more applications, which are currently not working as usually.

I remember exactly same happend on my iPHONE 3G , when i updated to latest. Seems latest version of iOS is consuming lot of resources and phone itself isn’t able to handle it, which leds to unexpected freezes or very poor performance. This is mostly likely normal, but i started to look around the internet and nobody has confirmed same issues like i have with Castle Clash game. After some time, i have decided to start iTunes and reinstall my iOS from recovery mode.

Now you will be surprised. After fresh reinstall over recovery mode, my phone doesn’t freeze and it’s running very smooth. So whole issue was created , because i upgraded my iPhone from 8.0.1 to 8.1 via phone upgrade and not via iTunes.

Then i tried same on ipad and it’s working in same way.  8.0.1 to 8.1 via tablet itself – lot of freezes, but clean install over iTunes – 100% working without any problem.

What it finally means ? I think, that version to version updates on iOS devices shoudn’t be done over device itself ( i mean OTA upgrade ), but they should be still done as new device reinstall following by restore from iCloud. In this case it’s working very well and you can check itself how stable is it in video bellow.

How to use smartphone as Gaming Console

Do you know that why smartphone gaming is known as smart gaming? Are you guys fond of buying consoles as well as smartphones but carrying both seems to be really difficult? Want to know how to use smartphone as gaming console? Come on game lovers! Let us find out how to do it. At present, smartphone gaming is one of the most powerful segments and by 2016 it is being expected that it will rise more than 144 million which means that about 8 out of 10 smartphone users will be choosing smartphone gaming over consoles.

Phonejoy with smarphone

There is being no doubt that more complex games are delivering to smartphones but having a small touchscreen leave the players frustrated and agitated as it hampers the efforts because of user controls. So here we are with a simple and useful method through which the users can easily use their smartphone as gaming console i.e. through PhoneJoy Controller. This controller helps in addressing the smartphone with the Bluetooth game controller for android as well as iOS devices.

The PhoneJoy Controller is based on Bluetooth devices which particularly uses the bluetooth profiles and the controller doesn’t need any physical contact with your android device making it easy for use as a separate handheld controller, further, making it suitable and quite easy for using  with an android tablet as well as for an iPad. When it is closed, it perfectly fits in hand. Users can easily and quickly use the PhoneJoy controller or their regular Bluetooth settings so as to pair their smartphones and once it is paired then users can play the game on their smartphones similarly using the well-coded app.

Officially, there are above 400 games which are supported by PhoneJoy, Bluetooth based controller. If a user downloads the application then it will guides all through the Bluetooth connection and even through the curative list of all the games which are supported by the controller. This further helps in discovering the whole process. This controller is pretty easy and responsive in use. It has got spongy d-pad which is really comfortable for use and the analogue sticks which are firmly sprung which helps the user in giving them perfect resistance.


At present, PhoneJoy controller is not available for everyone but as soon as the developers increases the complexity associated with it in terms of it’s offerings in games, it will far most make the gaming experience one of the best for the users. It is one of the best answers to how to use smartphone as gaming console and will be the best in coming future as well. And price? Starting at 69.90 usd up to 89.90 usd. With free worldwide shipping. And that is something you might think of as this is just a fraction of the price of your smartphone. And also for that price turn your smartphone to a true gaming devices is not so bad.